Review of Laerdal SimMan 3G Technical Service Course

As someone who is new to the Simulation Technician role with having only 12 months experience, I jumped at the opportunity to advance my skills by attending the Technical Service Course run by Laerdal. The two day course covered the following topics;

I found that it was well suited to my expertise with the key learning focus on maintenance and the technical side of 3G. We also spent considerable time learning the IT component.

The great thing about this course was that it taught me not only what I could maintain, fix and replace but also what not to touch, the things that should only be done by Laerdal. I came to realise that although being highly technical and complex SimMan 3G is also very easy to maintain and keep in perfect running order with the information gained from this course.

I found the trainers to be highly knowledgeable of the manikin and understood the expertise of the participants very well and catered for them by adjusting the content to suit.

I would highly recommend all sim techs who use SimMan 3G to attend this course whether they perform maintenance or not. One of the main advantages of attendance was that anyone who has completed this course could save their employers a considerable amount of money by maintaining SimMan 3G themselves without costly external repairs.

I would also recommend attending this course for any users of SimMan 3G. I believe that everyone would benefit from the knowledge of how SimMan 3G works, what his limitations are and how he can utilised in a simulation.

By Nick May, Simulation Technician,

La Trobe University, Albury Wodonga.