DASH (Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare) Rater Training Workshop

Center for Medical Simulation

Cost: USD $375 per attendee*

DASH Rater training is offered every 3-4 months from the Centre for Medical Simulation. It’s a 4 hour webinar designed for experienced simulation educators who are interested in learning how to assess the quality of debriefing.

Throughout the webinar participants review the six elements of effective debriefing (as defined by the DASH) and observe/assess three debriefing sessions using the DASH rater. Participants are then given time to discuss responses and compare ratings. 

Prior to the webinar participants are recommended to familiarise yourself with the DASH Rater Handbook and this took me 1.5 hours to do so. Some participants had not completed the pre-reading however I think it was important to do this as it was assumed knowledge when the webinar started.

I personally attended the course as a relatively inexperienced facilitator who wanted to gain a better understanding on the elements of a good debrief in order to improve my own debriefing skills.  I found the training really useful and I think I am benefitting from the training immensely. I like the structure that the DASH Rater Handbook provides to debriefing as it states in very basic terms the elements of an effective/ineffective debriefing.  I have noticed that I am making a conscious effort to improve elements of my pre-briefing/debriefing based on the training and am observing the skills of other facilitators within simulation-based education to provide constructive feedback.

I did initially have some technical issues hearing audio whilst connected to the webinar and there were technical support available to assist with this throughout the webinar. 

All in all, I think the course was highly beneficial in providing me a debriefing structure and a critical framework to improve my debriefing skills. 

Sophia Mullins - Simulation Education Coordinator

*(Correct as of 1/2/2016)