2016 Australasian simulation congress debriefing workshop


The 2016 Australasian Simulation Congress held in Melbourne on the 26th-29th of September was one event not to be missed.

I attended the Pre-Congress SimHealth Masterclass, "Promoting Excellence via Augmented Reflective learning in Simulation (PEARLS) - A Blended Approach to Debriefing." This session was facilitated by Dr Adam Cheng, the director of research and Development of the KidSIM Simulation program at Alberta Children’s hospital and Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics at eh University of Calgary.

The masterclass delivered a novel framework for debriefing blending three existing methods of debriefing into one cohesive approach. Adam and the incredible faculty created a dynamic environment for participants to practice the PEARLS approach to debriefing. The use of trigger videos to practice debriefing and the opportunity for experts to meta-debrief participant’s techniques was invaluable.

Learning to debrief is seen by many as the most difficult part of the simulation. Reflect on your debriefing practices, consider different debriefing styles and please be brave.

To find out more please visit Debrief to Learn: The resource Simulation educators have been waiting for -

My pearl from this masterclass is to orchestrate the post simulation debrief to be learner centred not educator centred!


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