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Welcome to the SimEd technician resource portal

This page will provide you with hints and tips to support the delivery of simulation sessions, equipment use and hacks.  SimEd aims to expand your understanding of the pedagogy of simulation education.

A simulation technician works as part of a team to develop and implement simulation-based training designed to enhance safety and quality in healthcare delivery. The key responsibilities of the simulation technician are to provide specialised technical support services and maintenance, quality assurance and improvement. The simulation technician also educates and supports staff and instructors in the use of simulation equipment, audio-visual and other technologies. The simulation technician is also responsible for managing technology requirements of special projects.

To get you started, watch the below interview with SimMan3G.

There are several categories under this heading, see below for further information.


Moulage is the art of applying mock woulds or injuries to enhance realism in simulation scenarios.  Learn tips and hints here, or contribute your tips to SimEd.  Read more

Equipment tips

This section aims to help with the use of equipment purchased for simulation in healthcare.  Read more


Help to keep your simulation equipment in great shape by performaning regular maintenance.  Also features some troubleshooting information for SimMan3G.  Read more

Professional Development

This section aims to provide information of courses that might help you expand your career and knowledge of simulation based healthcare from a technicians perspective.  Read more.


Here you will find reviews on courses, events, APPs, books, websites and products and equipment.  Please let us know if you would like to contribute your review to this section.  Read more