Why be a simulated patient?

Simulated patient testimonials

Testimonials have been provided by simulated patients for HEAL and La Trobe University.  

Here is what they have to say about their experiences and why they enjoy being an SP.


There are many reasons why I enjoy being a Simulated Patient (SP). The reason which really stands out in my mind however, is the fact that I am able to play a small part (pun intended) in the training experiences of our future healthcare professionals. By putting my very best into this role, I hope that I will be helping to provide a more genuine experience for these professionals. I believe very strongly in the benefits of this program and feel confident that we have the support of the students, as many go out of their way to compliment the program and comment on the benefits compared to traditional methods of teaching. One student put it this way "Why wouldn't they teach us this way? We should learn with real life patients; not dummies or manikins, otherwise how will we know how real people react? Sounds sensible to me!!


Playing different roles as a Simulated Patient is an enjoyable way to learn about different kinds of medical conditions and situations. It's interesting to get a glimpse into the world of doctors, nurses, social workers and paramedics without actually needing any treatment! The students I have worked with have seemed to benefit greatly from the sessions and have regularly told me afterwards how much more confident they now feel towards applying their training in “the real world”. 


I like being a Simulated Patient as it assist students deal/learn and be examined with real life situations away from their textbooks and tutors with someone they haven’t encountered before. I get a great deal of personal satisfaction knowing I’m helping students become professionals in their chosen medical field. I like meeting new people and enjoy acting out the different roles while remembering the focus is on the student learning or being examined. The students get to deal with real life situations with a SP which is safe for both the student and the SP without having to engage the use of a real patient. This way they can learn and or be examined without causing and negative issues to a real patient


I love being a Simulated Patient as I really enjoy helping students and seeing their confidence grow. Can you believe I get paid for having FUN?! Feel reassured our future health workers are experienced, capable and knowledgeable. The students get to practice on real live people before entering the work force, it's so much better and more interesting than a manikin.


Why do I enjoy being a Simulated Patient? I get a real buzz out of being able to help the students get some first-hand experience dealing with real patients that they may not be able to get without the SP program. It’s the ability to work with the students and to see them put into practice the theory that they have learnt in a more realistic and practical manner. If I can help students go into the work force more prepared and be better health professionals then the SP program has been a total winner. Its great fun and a real learning experience for the students.


I love being able to be a part of the learning process for the students so they get an understanding of what it will be like dealing with actual patients in a real life scenario. So many times we hear that the new practitioners "don't know what they are doing" and this must be stressful for them at the time. (I have seen it happen in real life as well). As a SP I enjoy stretching my abilities to portray the role and have gained a better understanding also of what the patient I am portraying would be experiencing. I'm sure that the students get a better perspective on what their potential patients will be like by using people closer to the likely age group to play the role. The students have all been lovely to work with and I've enjoyed the time spent with them.