Preparing for simulation sessions

Simulated patient session evaluation form


In order for the simulated patient program to gain feedback, La Trobe University adminsters a quick questionnaire to the simulated patients (SPs) asking them for advice and thoughts on how the session ran.  On completion, this gives the educator and administrators more information about the session that the SPs participated in, and what might be improved upon in subsequent simulations.

The below information is generally emailed out within 24 hours after each simulation.


•  What do you think worked well in the session?

• What did not work well in the session?

• What role did you play (today)?

• Did you need any further information in the SP brief? 


             If yes, please outline

• What aspects of the role were challenging to play?

• Did the participants have any particular challenges in the scenario?


            If yes, please outline

• Please make comments or suggestions about any other aspect of the session

Thanks for your feedback. 

This helps us tailor future sessions and make amendments if necessary.