Preparing for simulation sessions

How to leave it behind you after the session

Playing an SP role can become quite intense and leave you feeling unsettled, frustrated or exhausted.

If you find that you are feeling emotional, keep replaying the role in your mind or are constantly thinking about it, or are experiencing symptoms similar to the character, you might be having trouble letting go of the role.

Getting out of character

There is no standard way of getting out of role but the following suggestions might help:

  • have a shower to wash away the character and re-emerge as yourself
  • go for a walk in familiar surroundings to re-connect to your usual routine
  • if there were multiple SPs playing the same role you might want to get together afterwards and discuss your experiences
  • call a family member or friend just for a chat, it can help you get back to being your usual self
  • chat to the facilitators

Issues letting go of a role

If you do find that this happens to you, there is often a reason:

  • be aware of not taking on roles that are too close to your real-life experiences
  • be realistic about your abilities and limitations. It is OK to decline a role if you think it is too much for you or if the role is too close to something you have experienced previously
  • it might be time for you to take on a completely different SP role and leave the troubling one behind

Make sure you plan ahead and have a strategy in place for the days that you perform challenging roles to help you to get out of role once it is over. 


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