Preparing for simulation sessions

What to bring to a simulation session

It's important to be prepared for a simulation session.  Here are some items that you might like to consider taking with you to your next simulated patient booking.

  • •Comfortable clothes or a change of clothes. Short sleeves, or button up shirts are good in sessions where you are wearing a gown or if a student is to listen to your chest. Avoid wearing clothes that might stain i.e. white clothes if you are in a session with a moulage wound or fake blood.
  • •A bottle of water, a snack or lunch or money to purchase food if required.
  • •A timesheet to fill in on the day.
  • •A copy of the scenario, room numbers and contact details for the educator or lecturer running the session.
  • •Be armed with any questions that you might have about the character or session that require further clarification before the simulation.