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The re-launch of Simulated Patient Network (SPN)

The Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN) has recently been re-branded and re-launched as Simulated Patient Network (SPN). In addition, the SPN is now operating as a not-for-profit organisation rather than its previous training-only status.
The purpose of SPN is to create a network for individuals with a special interest in simulated patient (SP) methodology. SPN provides resources for SP methodology practitioners (both educators and SPs) and offers a platform for them to communicate. SPN will also continue to provide learning modules for individuals who are interested in SP methodology.
The learning modules were developed by a number of experts in SP methodology, including Professor Debra Nestel (who is also the Founder and Director of SPN), Dr Cathy Smith and Associate Professor Debra Kiegaldie (who holds the leadership role in VSA). The modules consist of 13 topics such as foundational introduction to SP methodology, program management, SPs in assessment and working with children as SPs.

At the moment, membership for the SPN remains free and provides access to the modules. The future strategy of SPN is to offer more benefits for members. SPN is also working on information specific to SPs within the learning modules.
As a communication hub for SP methodology practitioners, SPN hosts a discussion forum. While information can be accessed without registration, to comment or post, registration to the forum is required.
SPN has revamped its news section to function as a blog, bringing the latest news and information in SP methodology. Additionally, SPN maintains social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter
While the SPN is currently undergoing transition to its new identity, the site is accessible via both www.vspn.edu.au and  www.simulatedpatientnetwork.org.
For further information about SPN write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.