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MOOCs - Massive Open Online Courses

These are free courses offered by universities from all over the world. 

Teaching and assessing clinical skills

Instructional methods in health professions education

Here you will find a summary of MOOCs courses for simulation professional development that might be helpful when looking to further your knowledge and career.


Online courses 

 Sim-One online course: Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study.

Simulation Research: Best Practices for Planning a Research Study is facilitated and led by leading simulation and health care education researchers across Ontario. Facilitators will coach course participants through the process of building a research study based on their research question or interest. They will provide guidance on practical issues such as method planning, grant applications, knowledge mobilization planning, and team building. 

This eight-week course includes video-recorded lectures, short assignments, interactive live webinars with expert researchers, and review & questions periods.  Cost is $495 (+tax) US

The next course runs from September 30 to November 18, 2015.


NHET-Sim is a federally funded program that has delivered training to over 6000 simulation educators across Australia. The programme is a free nationwide training programme for healthcare professionals aimed at improving clinical training capacity and consists of online learning modules on simulation-based education. NHETSim an Australian Government funded initiative.

CSDS e-learning courses

The Queensland Health Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) is the one of the world’s largest providers of healthcare simulation.  They offer face-to-face learning in Queensland, Australia, or e-learning courses are also available.


The 4 hour webinar offered by John Hopkins is approx $375 US.  This webinar is ideally for experienced simulation educators interested in learning how to rigorously assess the quality of debriefing using the Debriefing Assessment for Simulation in Healthcare (DASH)

You can find out more information by visiting the John Hopkins website.


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