SimEd aims to provide high-quality resources for Clinicians, Educators, Students, Technicians and Simulated Patients who are engaged in simulation-based education and training.

Supporting a community of practice in regional Victoria, Australia and Internationally, SimEd provides a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge and experience of all current and future practitioners. SimEd provides a hub for discussion around the technical and educational aspects of simulation in healthcare education and for students, supports just-in-time learning and the development of work-ready skills.  

This is an opportunity for you and/or your organisation to promote and share the research or simulated learning activities going on in your part of the world, to help build this community of practice.  

There are five main categories for content: Students, Educators, Technicians, Simulated Patients and Program Tools.

What are we looking for?

  • Reviews or hacks of equipment/apps/technology
  • Moulage – tips, how to guides and photo examples
  • Tips on running a simulation facility
  • Quick fixes (for equipment)
  • How to align learning objectives with simulation
  • Scenarios/Scenario writing
  • Tips on running simulation (Brief, the actual SIM and the debrief)
  • Content regarding the student’s learning experience and getting the most out of simulation (ie. Overcoming nervousness, realism factors, taking positives out of feedback)
  • Common mistakes in simulation
  • Working /Training/Briefing/debriefing with simulated patients
  • Interprofessional learning
  • Reviews: Books, Journal articles, conferences, workshops, courses, equipment, websites, events
  • Interesting anecdotes about simulation activities and the associated learning outcomes, good or bad (as we can all learn from both)
  • Promote upcoming educational or networking events
  • Virtual patient concepts/models
  • Anything else relevant to simulated learning!

In what Formats?

  • Photos of simulation in action (high quality)
  • Videos 3-10 minutes in length (could be interviews, debrief tips etc.  Please ensure that your subjects have signed media consent forms)
  • Short commentary pieces (up to 300 words)
  • Longer commentary pieces (300+ words)
  • Reviews (250-500 words)


Please ensure that you are the owner of any materials that you submit to SimEd, or have expressed permission to contribute any copyrighted materials.  

If you are interested in supporting SimEd with content, please get in touch with the SimEd team.  We ask that you please include your full name and contact details, including a telephone number.

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